Bagel Nosh Breakfast


Weekends are for Noshing

Bagel Nosh is literally a stone's throw from my apartment. And I can't even throw that far. It's a local deli, known for their fresh NYC-style bagels, that has been serving Santa Monica for nearly 40 years. The breakfast/brunch/lunch lines on the weekends can be long sometimes, and finding seating in the small deli can also be a challenge, but that's not a problem for me -- because I practically live next door! If it's looking crowded inside, I'll place my order at the counter and get my goodies to go. There's nothing better than eating Bagel Nosh breakfast during the late morning in pajamas, while sitting on the couch streaming last night's Dateline Weekend Murder Mystery. 

There are two breakfast meals that I love to get at Bagel Nosh. One is the breakfast burrito, which is stuffed with eggs and a meat of your choice (I love to get the bacon!), hash browns and cheese, and topped with salsa. The other menu item that I usually go for is the breakfast sandwich -- eggs, bacon (my choice), and cheese inside a freshly toasted bagel. In the breakfast sandwich that I have pictured above and below, I went for a traditional sesame seed bagel, which was so good. I also ordered a side of hash browns with the breakfast sandwich because why wouldn't I? 🤤

But no matter what you get for breakfast at Bagel Nosh, one this is certain... you MUST order their fresh squeezed orange juice. Seriously, this is the best orange juice I've ever had. It has the perfect amount of pulp, and it's so refreshingly sweet. Also, just look at the color of that juice! (I'm salivating as I write this.) You can order a pint of the juice or a quart, so go for the quart. You owe it to yourself. 

I'm very lucky to live in such a foodie-friendly neighborhood. I can have Bagel Nosh for breakfast, Benny's Tacos for lunch, and Ingo's Tasty Diner for happy hour and dinner. So many delicious and diverse restaurants, all on the same street, and just a short walk from home! ✨#blessed ✨



Want more details on the food in my blog post? Check out the map and link below.


Bagel Nosh

1629 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90403