Galaxy Donuts Are Out of This World


I have no willpower.

I live dangerously close to DK's Donuts, a very popular donut shop in Santa Monica, and it takes a tremendous amount of willpower to restrain myself from visiting it on a daily basis. But there are moments when I can't fight the urge to satisfy my sweet tooth, and those moments are made especially challenging when I know that the donuts in that little 24/7 donut shop (yes, that's right... 24/7) are only three blocks from my apartment. 


a magical, glittery donut

As much as I love donuts covered with all kinds of crazy toppings, like Fruity Pebbles or chocolate chips, nothing can beat a simple glazed donut. DK's is awesome because it offers a variety of specialty donuts, as well as a fantastic selection of more "traditional" donuts.

IMO, their "galaxy" donuts are sort of the best of both worlds. They're light and fluffy -- reminiscent of your neighborhood Krispy Kreme donut. But the icing is pretty and glittery (edible glitter!) and makes you feel like you're eating unicorn food. 🦄 

The cuteness/tastiness doesn't stop there though. DK's also has "fairy dust" donuts, which is another glittery-iced donut. And DK's is home to the "O-Nut" -- their own version of a croissant-donut hybrid -- that you can get with a variety of fillings, like Nutella (my fave!) and strawberries. There's also the "Wow-Nut," which is a waffle-donut hybrid. I haven't had the pleasure of eating a "Wow-Nut" yet, but it's on my list!

It takes a lot of self-control to NOT eat donuts every day, especially when I live in a city that has pretty great local donut shops on nearly every corner. But there's no doubt I'll be back at DK's again soon. Maybe even later tonight or at 3 a.m. when I have that Wow-Nut craving.  


My very first donut from DK's

Behold, the "ube bacon bits" donut! This donut has everything. A sweet purple yam (ube) glaze and crumbled bacon on top of a moist donut. 



Want more details on the food in my blog post? Check out the map and link below.


DK's Donuts

1614 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90404

⭐️ Open 24/7!!! ⭐️