Yikes! It's time for the holidays!

Oh my goodness. It’s that’s time of year when stress levels and anxiety reach great heights. I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is next week, and to date, I still have no clue what our families are planning to do. There are rumblings of a gathering at our house, and there’s also talk of going out to eat (because my mom has lost the desire to cook Thanksgiving dinner). And then Brandon’s mother is hosting another family at her place, but we still need to go to her house at some point in the day. But when? We don’t know for sure.

It’s really too much when you stop to think about it. So much time spent on traveling between families and homes, and really, there’s not much time spent being together. One day isn’t enough time. Two days isn’t enough either. If you count the time spent preparing and cleaning up, the whole Thanksgiving day is shot.

I want to propose a holiday that’s just a holiday. No work, no need to run around. Just stay at home. How about a Stay-at-Home Day? I would love that. One day when you can’t leave your house, but you don’t have to worry about not leaving. It would be perfect.