The Nutcrackers Are Out


It’s official. Christmas time is near. I’ve set my car radio to the totally-Christmas music station. And what a blessing…the first song I heard was Aaron Neville’s version “Come Home for Christmas.” Gotta love that cocoa-buttered troubadour and his crazy half-vibrato.

Now that the season has been kicked off by Aaron Neville, the decorating has begun. We’ve started out by putting up the nutcrackers. All one hundred of them. Okay, not really one hundred, but Brandon has accumulated a massive collection of nutcrackers in various shapes and sizes (and conditions—some are so old their heads had to be glued back on). We also put a wreath up on the door (photo to come soon). Unfortunately, we underestimated the size of the wreath and overestimated the space between the door and storm door. The wreath is too big, so we have to prop open the storm door a little bit so it doesn’t crush the wreath. Oops.

The tree skirt is ready. We just need a tree. The stockings are prepared (I got a letter “O” and a letter “M” to put on the animals stockings). We just need to hang them. And the list of Christmas decorating to-dos continues to grow. But I’m excited about it all—especially the photography project that I’ve made for myself.

I’m going to document the season. Photos of the decorations, the parties, the feeling and spirit. It should be fun. And with the Ballentine luck we have, you know it’s going to be interesting. I just need to remember to keep the camera batteries charged! So keep checking my Flickr site to see new photos of the holidays at the Ballentine home.