MOOs Rock!

Hi, my name is Lia, and I’m a MOO-aholic.

Flickr has completely taken over my life. And now, I have a new addiction thanks to Flickr. I’m addicted to Moo minicards. Yes, I am. And I can’t quit ‘em.

Moo minicards are high quality, heavyweight cards that are 22mm x 78mm (they’re based in London, so they’re metric measurements). They can be used for anything: business cards, gift tags, product tags, tiny art pieces, and more. And when you sign up for a pro account with Flickr, Moo gives you 10 minicards for free. And that’s how my addiction began…with 10 free Moo minicards.

You can put any image you want on the minicards. I pulled images from my Flickr photostream. And you can put up to six lines of a text and a logo on the back of the cards. I put all my info on the back so I could hand out the Moo cards to family, friends, and clients.

The cards are really durable. They ship nicely and quickly. And Moo is polite enough to stay in touch and let you know when to expect them to arrive.

There’s a whole Moo minicard subculture out there. Flickr has promoted the act of Moo swapping/trading, too. I’ve started trading Moo cards through Flickr. And how does Moo swapping work, you ask? You simply look at other people’s Moos, find ones you like, and offer to trade. So far, I’ve traded Moo cards with artists from Ohio, Texas, the United Kingdom, and Russia. I’m actually out of Moo cards at the moment, but as soon as I place my next order, I’m going to offer some of those for trade.

So be warned. Moos are very addictive. Once you get your first 10 minicards, you’ll want to order 10 more. And then 20 more. And then 30. It won’t stop.

Oh, and by the way, if you really dig the minicards, Moo offers other print products such as sticker books, greeting cards, and postcards. I’ve not yet purchased any of the other products (I’m afraid to because I know what will happen to my bank account and free time), but as soon as I design some cards and make an order, I’ll be sure to let you know how they are. Of course if their regular cards are anything like the minicards, I know they’ll be amazing.

Happy MOOing!


Photos of my current Moo collection (which grows daily). Also, above are pictures of a Moo book that I’m making for myself.

1. MOO Book, 2. 1// MOO Book, 3. 2// MOO Book, 4. 2-3// MOO Book, 5. 2-3// MOO Book, 6. MOO Card from Nicki, 7. MOO Cards, 8. Card from Megalitz, 9. MOO from Megalitz, 10. 6-7// MOO Book, 11. 5// MOO Book, 12. 4// MOO Book