A Day for Red Flats


Punxsutawney Phil said that we would have six more weeks left of winter. Humbug. Today felt like spring. Even the showers reminded me of April. In fact, it was so warm (mid to upper 60s) that I pulled out my pair of red flats and wore them.

It’s funny what a pair of shoes can do. In addition to the fashion statement, the red flats brought about all the following thoughts and feelings within a seconds:

  • The week after spring finals
  • Waking up at noon
  • Wearing vintage skirts
  • Stepping on colonial paver stones to get from my apartment to my neighbor’s
  • Standing in tall grass, smelling hot dogs on a grill
  • Mosquito bites (many mosquito bites)
  • Flirtations

There are a lot of good memories in those shoes. Most of them having to do with those carefree moments back in my undergrad days, when responsibility and adulthood were ideas to laugh about. I miss those times (especially when I sit in my office typing up communications plans).

The nostalgia was a bit overwhelming today, but it was nice to have a moment to think back on the “old days” with my friends. And to remember what it’s like to slip into a pair of wild, red flats on a warm day.

Lia BallentineRed, ShoesComment