Flickr Friday


1. Confetti Dog, 2. Banana weighs in, 3. keytar cake, 4. going for a spin in IKEA, 5. Texture 4, 6. , 7. Photography is waiting - Day1 #1, 8. Swing Tower, 9. jump

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day to start my Flickr Friday postings. I had the wonderful surprise of being able to access the Flickr website at work, which had been banned by our IT department for a few months now. I noticed that it was back when I opened up iGoogle and my Flickr gadget actually had images displayed instead of little red Xs all over the place. It was like Christmas. I actually got to browse Flickr for a few minutes during my lunch break on an actual computer monitor instead of on a tiny 2”x 3” screen on my smart phone (like I usually do). Display size really makes a difference.

Anyway, when I got to browsing, I clicked to see what I had put in my faves. I always run across really neat photographs, and I’ll mark the ones I absolutely love as a fave, but that’s usually it. I forget to revisit the images, and I certainly don’t spend time thinking about what aspects of the photograph interested me—I just know they look amazing. The end. But I think in order to learn and grow as a photographer, I really need to go back and examine the images—not necessarily critique them (like back in college photo courses), but to pick out the aspects that make the photo interesting. Is it the composition? The subject? Color or light? Or is it something else? And after asking those questions, I want to take the answers and apply them to my own photographs.

So I’ll start my Flickr Friday postings today with a mosaic of the nine photos currently marked as my faves. (For those of you who don’t know, a Flickr member can mark any Flickr photo a “Fave”—and it’ll save the photo/link on your profile so you can go back to it at any time.)

Because I have nine images, I’ll just write about each one briefly. And please, click on the links to view the actual images. They’re obviously larger than the squares in my mosaic and have more details (duh!).