I love getting packages in the mail. Especially when the package is a box full of Moo MiniCards!

If you don’t know it, I’m a Moo fanatic. Their product is absolutely awesome, and the service is amazing. [For more raving about Moo MiniCards, visit my “MOOs Rock!” post from this January.]

I thought it would be a good idea to create a business card for my independent work. I really didn’t want to spend very much, and I knew there wasn’t a need to print more than 100 cards. So I decided to use Moo to create my Lia Ballentine CREATIVE cards. (This was also a good excuse to buy more stuff from Moo.) I also decided that instead of photo MiniCards (like my last batch that I ordered), I wanted to create a variety of text MiniCards.

I created 100 different text MiniCards, using every color and design that I could. And they turned out great. Especially considering that 100 custom Moo MiniCards cost less than $20 to make.

Moo cards are a lot smaller than typical business cards. But I think that’s part of their appeal. The distinct dimensions make them memorable.

(Of course, I did try to give one to my dad, and I think he thought it was too little to be a business card. But he’s old skool. Meh.)


However, another wonderful thing about Moo is that their products are environmentally friendly. The company obviously is dedicated to environmental responsibility, and you can tell when you buy their product.

The 100 MiniCards arrive in a nice recyclable plastic box (which could be reused for a variety of things, particularly housing Moos obtained from Moo swapping online). And the cute paper wrapper on the box states:

Hello, we’re MOO and we love to print.

We also love the planet so our goal is to have as little impact on the environment as possible, and every effort is made to act responsibly in our manufacturing processes.

Just so you know, this box is made of recyclable plastic and your cards were made using paper sourced from sustainable forests.

How wonderful is that? Designers are really bad about paper waste, so I try to make it a point to go tree-free when I can. It’s really comforting to know that a company like Moo is so responsible!

I love MOO!

I’m filled with joy now. Just blogging about my new Moo cards makes me happy. If you haven’t already purchased MiniCards for yourself, go to today and do it! (I should get a commission for this…)

To see more Moos, visit my Flickr set: My MOOs.