Flickr Friday: MOO-liciousness on Flickr

I’ve been on a Moo kick all week. So I’ll just continue it through Flickr Friday.

Like I’ve said before, I give full credit to Flickr for introducing me to Moo. (I also send Flickr my gratitude for showing me the wondrousness of Blurb.) But I’m definitely not the only one to feel that way. Thousands of people have shown their Moo love on the Moo Flickr group, of which I’m a part.

Below are three of my recent faves from the pool:

1. goma-moo02, 2. MOOOO!, 3. Day 33/366

This is a pretty brief post, but this Flickr Friday does come with two homework assignments. (I used to be a strict teacher…be warned!)

  1. Check out the Moo Flickr group.
  2. Come up with new ways to use Moo Minicards and post them in the comments below.

If you have a good idea, I’ll mail you one of my MiniCards! Seriously!

One more thing…

Thanks to Moo…

…for including me on their blog! And don’t forget to vote for Moo on The Next Web awards!