Flickr Friday: Fortunes!


For yesterday’s Project 365 photo, I photographed this crazy fortune cookie that I got at work. It’s a fortune cookie covered with white chocolate and sprinkles—and it’s a marketing piece for a public relations management company. Clever. Because inside the cookie was not a fortune, but an ad. But anyway… The cookie itself tasted pretty darn good, and the company can keep sending these to sell their services if they want (no objection from me!). And it looked really pretty, so I had to photograph it, share it with my Project 365 group and also send it to a small group called “Fortune Cookie Project.”

I joined the Fortune Cookie Project a while ago after getting the most awesome fortune ever. I blogged about it here. There are currently 282 members of the Fortune Cookie Project, and the photo pool has more than 470 images. I eat a lot Chinese food, so I know that I will probably be a big contributor to this Flickr group.

I love the photos in here. First of all, I love food. Second, fortune cookies are the bomb. Third, who can resist reading other people’s fortunes? We’re nosy by nature! Fourth, it’s always interesting to see how people treat their fortune cookie photos!

Because the subject (the fortune cookie) is so simple, it’s neat to look at the different ways people approach the photograph. Do I hold it? Do I put it against a background? Some people even photograph fortune collages. It’s definitely a neat Flickr group—and I hope more people discover it!

Here are some of my recent faves from the Fortune Cookie Project: