New Toys: Canon 5D and L-Series Lens

A photo of my handsome dog,  Otis .

A photo of my handsome dog, Otis.

Got my new Canon 5D and L-Series lens today! And I’ve been playing around with my new toys all afternoon and evening.

Thanks to hard work, my economic stimulus check, and Canon rebates, my dearest wish (for photographic equipment) has come true.

I’ve always photographed with Canon products. I work with a Canon 30D, Canon 10D, Canon Digital Rebel, Canon PowerShot A640, Canon A-1 (old skool!), and use a Canon Speedlite flash. But now, to finally have the 5D in my hands is such an awesome feeling! It shoots full frame, feels solid, and the 2.5” LCD display eliminates the eye strain you get from previewing images.

The body is made of magnesium alloy with a stainless steel chassis. It’s not 100 percent dust and weather sealed, but from reviews I’ve read, most people seem to believe it is 100 percent sealed. Also, durability tests have shown the 5D to be able to last through 100,000 exposures. Perfect for my trigger finger. (I am thinking about buying a portrait grip to go with the 5D—but that will have to wait a while.)

I bought the 5D kit with the 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM lens. It’s a great all-purpose lens. And when coupled with the full-frame 5D, 24mm is very wide. Also, the Image Stabilization feature of the L-Series lens makes it worth the money. In the past, I used standard EF lenses and Tamron lenses—which are good lenses—but they don’t compare to the optical quality of an L-Series lens. I’ve read that the lens has great macro qualities, so tomorrow (if it’s not raining), I’ll have to run outside and photograph some flowers to test it out.