It’s Koloroo! A widget for designers on the go!

Yesterday, I downloaded Koloroo—a “handy color scheme widget for your iPod.” And it’s awesome. It’s no Adobe Kuler, and it’s not the Pantone Color Cue, but with 386 color palettes available at your fingertips for instant inspiration, a free color/design iPod widget can’t be beat.

It’s an easy install. Once the program is downloaded and added to the Applications folder (I’m a Mac user), you simply sync your iPod photos to your Koloroo folder. If you already have photos on your iPod, you can copy those to your Koloroo folder (so your iPod syncs everything). The widget is really 386 photos of color combos that you can spin through (using the iPod wheel), but it’s still a convenient color index to have.

How do you use it? It’s simple. Spin the wheel until you get to your base color, which will be marked by the upward pointing arrow. Each base color has 16 shades to choose from (this is the outer color wheel). Around the color wheel are four color blocks that compliment the base color. In the corners of each block are the RGB values. As you spin the wheel, the corner color blocks will change to give you a variety of color palette options.

I know I’ll be using this a lot because I know there are so many times when I just can’t get online to Kuler or don’t have my Color Index close by. But I always have my iPod, so Koloroo is perfectly convenient to use.

Plus, I’ve discovered another use for Koloroo. Dancing. Just turn the lights out, pump up the volume to some dance tunes on your iPod, and spin the wheel back and forth through all 386 color combinations. It’s a flattened disco ball that fits in your pocket. I made a little video (below) to show how you can use Koloroo as a spinning disco ball.

Koloroo, by Guifx, is a free download. It’s Careware, meaning that the only catch to downloading and using Koloroo is that in return you must perform an act of kindness for someone. (Isn’t that a novel idea? I love it!) I plan on performing my act of kindness tomorrow, which will be challenging since it’ll be Monday (ugh). But once I fulfill my Careware obligation, I can write it up and post it on Koloroo’s website. As of May 4, Koloroo shows that its Careware has triggered more than 43,000 acts of kindness! Now this is what I call innovation.

So for you color freaks out there, download Koloroo for your iPod—and don’t forget to perform your act of kindness and share it with the folks at Koloroo/Guifx. And have fun spinning the color wheel until it makes you so dizzy you puke.