Brandon and I headed downtown on August 31 to join the insane crowds at the Boomsday fireworks show. Boomsday is the best fireworks display in the South! It’s 30 minutes of loud bursts and bright colors. And it’s free.

(Here’s a Boomsday parking tip: Pay $3 and park at the Kerbela Temple behind the huge JFG sign. It’s worth it. Just park and walk down, either to Baptist Hospital or across the Gay Street Bridge. You can get spectacular views of the fireworks from the side of the hospital by Henley Street, and great views from Volunteer Landing. And getting out of the parking lot is easy. Not a lot of traffic to fight at all.)

Click here to access my YouTube channel and check out some of the video clips of Boomsday—made from my new Flip Mino (an early birthday present from my darling husband).