Sydney, Australia

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a whirlwind week in Sydney, Australia. Sydney is an amazing city — it has the energy of NYC and Paris, but within minutes you can escape the hustle and bustle  and relax on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

My home base was at The Rocks and Circular Quay — a minute’s stroll from the ferry boats, Opera House, and Harbor Bridge. (So perfect!) And as soon as I unpacked, I grabbed my camera and hopped on board a City Sightseeing bus to get myself acquainted with Sydney.

Of course, one of the first places I explored was the Sydney Opera House — which was a wonderful place to start my adventure. If you’ve never read or heard of the history of the  Sydney Opera House, you need to learn about it. Not so much about the construction details, but it’s important to learn about Jørn Utzon — the artist and designer of the Opera House. It’s sort of a sad story… Politics forced Utzon to resign from the project, and Utzon left Sydney before the Opera House was complete. He passed away only 10 months ago, and never once came back to see his masterpiece. (*sniff*)

The Opera House inspired me to focus on structure and design. During this trip, I was really drawn to photographing lines and patterns — you’ll notice a lot of geometry in my images. Also, I played with the sun in many photographs, which was something different for me.

As I tweeted and mentioned to lots of my friends and family, the light in Sydney is amazing. It’s very bright and direct. It’s as if the sun wants to shine on YOU. And only you.

I used to avoid lens flare because I never quite knew how to use it artistically. But with the sun being so intense in Sydney, I had to try my hand at incorporating that flare into the photographs I took. Hope I was able to show it off just right in my photos.

I’ve only been back in the States for a week, but I miss Sydney already. I’m looking forward to another visit in 2010, but hopefully I can stay for a few weeks and take time to head to the Blue Mountains and catch a surf lesson at Bondi.

Below is a gallery of my favorite photos from Sydney. I also have a Sydney, Australia set on Flickr here. Enjoy!

(Here’s some trivia for you… “Woolloomooloo” is the Aboriginal word for a baby kangaroo. )