Tommy's Rice and Beans


Day 25: Tommy’s rice and beans (courtesy of Epicurious).

I found this recipe using my Epicurious iPhone app, and it was pretty good. It’s a quick meal to make, which was perfect for tonight. Monday evenings are limited to 30 minute meals. Plus, if all you have in the pantry is a can of beans, you can have a complete dinner without much effort at all.

Here’s the story behind the recipe:

(From Chris Schlesinger and John Willoughby, License to Grill, Morrow, 1997) Tommy who? Chris and John explain: “This classic Latin American dish is that rare bird, a completely healthful vegetarian meal that appeals to the taste buds of teenagers. Or at least it appeals to the buds of Tommy, a teenager who lives in the apartment above one of us and is the nephew of the other one. Tommy prefers his rice and beans cooked separately, rather than together, and likes lots of garlic and only a few bell peppers in the mix; so that’s how we make it here. For some reason, it has almost as high an appeal rating as pizza and chips, those quintessential meatless teenage favorites.”

And for lunch today, I went to Einstein Bros. Bagels. It was my first time there, and I ordered their “Veg Out” cold sandwich, and I added avocado it — which was AWESOME!