Spicy Panfried Tofu with Korean Spinach


October is Vegetarian Awareness Month, so I am trying to see if I can go meat free for 31 days. Welcome to Day 5: Spicy panfried tofu with spinach side dish. In Korean: “Dubu buchim yangnyumjan” with “sigeumchi namul.”

Both recipes came from Cooking Korean food with Maangchi, a website I discovered when I was looking for instructions on how to make seasoned soybean sprouts (one of my favorite items at the local Korean restaurant). Maangchi is a great teacher, and her site is loaded with videos for how to make any type of Korean dish possible. What’s even cooler is that she has created a wonderful community for people interested in learning how to make Korean food — like me! Also, because she has tons of veggie-only dishes on her site, I plan on making many Korean dinners during Veg Awareness Month.