Thanksgiving is almost here...

...That means it's time for our pipes to burst.

Last Thanksgiving our drain pipes (the ones draining the bathroom) busted in the garage, pouring crap everywhere. Literally. We have an old house with cast iron pipes, and apparently the inside of the pipes were 75% rusted — causing the pipes to get so backed up that they finally gave up trying to drain out and leaked waste all over the place.

Our friends at Cedar Bluff Plumbing saved the day and got rid of most of the rust, returning the pipes to a somewhat normal state. They recommended that we save up and replace all of the cast iron with PVC within the next couple of years. And yesterday’s new plumbing disaster let us know that we’d probably need to replace the pipes much sooner than later.

Brandon discovered water pouring out of the basement ceiling above the door to deck and down the walls. The basement floor (which we renovated last year) had huge puddles of water everywhere; and outside, the first few steps our deck were soaking wet. 

This time we called Scott’s Plumbing (based on a great recommendation from our good friends), and a plumber was at our house right away. Unfortunately, to find out what the problem was, we had to remove a bit of our basement ceiling to locate the pipes. It turns out that the pipe was backed up all the way to a huge 2” galvanized drain pipe, and because the drain from the sink forms a hard T, there was no place for the water to go. So the pipe broke and caused the water from the upstairs kitchen sink and dishwasher to gush out into the basement. The bad thing is that the entire pipe (not just the T) will need to be replaced… so that’s about 20 feet of pipe that’s got to be pulled out and a new 20 feet of pipe to be inserted/threaded through. They’re also going to drill a new hole going straight down from our sink (through the cabinet and the floor) to create a new drain that feeds into the larger drain pipe much better. 

The plumber from Scott’s was nice enough to let us know that if she stayed to fix it over the weekend, it would cost three times more than if we had someone come back during the week. The only problem is that we can’t work in kitchen until then. Ugh.

On the bright side, we can still use our bathrooms — which is way better than what happened last year. Hopefully when the plumbers come back they won’t have to tear out any walls. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

The huge hole in the ceiling. Awful.

The huge hole in the ceiling. Awful.

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