New York State of Mind


I’ve started playing a little game with myself. I love New York, but because I can’t live in New York, I’m imagining that Knoxville is New York City. I’ve divided Knoxville into the five boroughs: my home is in Brooklyn, my parents are in Queens, and my job is in lower Manhattan on Wall Street (which is not that far from the truth since I really do work in investor relations). North Knoxville is the Bronx, and deep South Knoxville (almost to Seymour) is Staten Island. Oh, and the Market Square Farmers Market is Union Square. Of course.

The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times are daily reading for me now, as is The New Yorker and Page Six of the New York Post (I have to get my celeb/socialite gossip fill somehow). I have subscribed to Dominique Browning’s blog, “Slow Love Life,” for a NY insiders look at good living; and I plan on cooking up several dishes that are featured in the NYT Diner’s Journal, such as Mark Bittman’s recipe for profiteroles with raspberries.

On Sunday, I even changed purses — going from my dull TJ Maxx hobo bag to a Fashion District approved glazed blue leather, bow-topped shoulder bag from Anthropologie. Accessories are easy, but I plan on adding more NYC street chic/boho/vintage styles to my wardrobe. I’ve got to have the look.

For lunch today, I ate my leftovers at Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens (which in reality was my parents’ house because I had to let their dogs out for them today). And I drove down Jackie Robinson Parkway (a.k.a Middlebrook Pike) to get from Queens back to my house in Brooklyn, near Prospect Park.

I realize this seems silly, but I’m having fun. And I’m very much looking forward to bringing others into my game (although they don’t know it yet). 

As George Scialabba said: “Perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun.” I definitely agree.