Kayak Explore

I was born with the travel bug, and it’s an awful disease to have. I’m constantly thinking of where I can go today, tomorrow, next week, and I’m always looking for great travel deals.

This week, I’ve been obsessing over Kayak’s new “Explore” function. It’s truly amazing.

Kayak Explore lets you find travel destinations based on your preferences: your departure location, your budget, when you want to travel, and what you want to do when you get to where your going. That’s right… Kayak can help you find vacation spots that provide the types of activities you’re interested in, and Kayak can even help you find a place to visit based on temperature. Plus, you can tell Kayak how many stops you’re willing to deal with, and if you’re happy with your options, you can even share the map with family and friends.

My birthday is in September, so I’ve been using Explore to find places I can visit in the fall. The results have shown me that I can do a nice trip to New York City (my favorite U.S. city!) for around $350, or I can splurge a little bit and head over to Madrid, Spain for less than $750. Oooh!!!

Oh, Kayak. Thank you for creating this awesome web application for me. I love you! Je t’aime!