Renovation Realities: The Ballentine Job


In case you missed it, you can catch repeats of our Renovation Realities episode throughout the summer! Check out our episode description below:

Lia and Brandon Ballentine have spent the last three years updating their charming hilltop home. Unfortunately, their kitchen is still stuck in the dark ages. Between the dozens of cracked floor tiles, lack of a dishwasher, and exposed electrical wires hanging out the walls, Lia and Brandon are in desperate need of a renovation, but as Lia and Brandon start to tear their old kitchen away, they expose many of their home’s deep-dark secrets. Layer upon layer of subfloors, countertops that refuse to go without a fight, and a sink that absolutely will not budge consume the couple’s valuable time and energy. Even though Brandon and Lia keeping laughing through the pain, this renovation leaves the two wondering if they’ll ever get to cook in their own house again.

The upcoming air dates are listed on our episode page on the DIY Network site. Be sure to watch! And remember, if we can renovate a kitchen, SO CAN YOU.