Spinach, Beet Greens, and Baby Beet Quiche


I still haven’t done anything with the pattypan squash yet, but thankfully it’s hearty and can wait until I use some of my more fragile greens from this week’s CSA box. So tonight I used up my the rest of my beet greens, half of my spinach (we have tons) and some of the baby beets from Saturday’s pickup and made two colorful quiches.

I used this speedy spinach quiche recipe from Epicurious (love the iPhone app!) and made a few adjustments. I sauteed the spinach and beet greens together, and I actually sauteed the baby beets separately in a little bit of olive oil. I don’t know why I did that, but I guess I wanted more control over the moistness and flavor of the thin beet slices.

The kitchen smells delicious right now, the quiches look awesome, and I’m fighting the urge to slice out a wedge of quiche and eat it since it’s rather late already. C’mon, will power!