What happened last month?

Since my last post (a month ago), I’ve been so busy that I had to go offline. So much has happened, but here are the highlights:

  • A tornado ripped through our town, bringing down power lines and trees in our neighborhood and literally trapping us in our home without any electricity for days.
  • A second tornado and the most awful hailstorm (with hail the size of tennis balls) came through just a few days later, punching holes in our roof, blasting out chunks of vinyl siding, ripping window screens, and damaging my car — shattering my windshield and denting every bit of paneling on the body — causing it to be totaled.
  • I got a cheesehead from a very awesome friend who now lives in Milwaukee. She is one of the coolest people I know.
  • Found a new car, which is the same as my old car, but a year newer with 25,000 less miles and all wheel drive. I snatched it away from someone who had it transferred here but never bothered to buy it within the allotted timeframe. You snooze, you lose.
  • Picked up our first bushel of veggies from our CSA at the farmers’ market and made a Swiss chard, spinach and brown basmati rice gratin using “fancy” cheese. Yum.
  • Took a quick trip to see my bride-to-be friend and pick out my bridesmaid dress for her wedding, which I can’t wait to get here. It’s going to be such a beautiful ceremony.
  • I worked and worked in front of a computer until my eyes hurt, and I couldn’t wear my contacts anymore. And the next day I drank my first Five-Hour Energy (pomegranate flavor). I have amazing coworkers.
  • Had my first shareholders meeting. Success.
  • Had another board meeting. Success.
  • Drove off to Gulf Shores, Alabama the morning after the meeting and met up with my sister and her boyfriend at our beach house.
  • Grilled out on the deck overlooking the lagoon and watched people dance with fire on our pier.
  • Spent three days at the Hangout Music Festival. Giggled when I saw The Verve Pipe singing children’s songs. Danced like a fool to Cee Lo’s “F*ck You” and all of Michael Franti’s set. Jumped up and down like a high schooler during The Foo Fighters show. “Everlong” was absolutely amazing. And cried as I watched Paul Simon sing “Slip Slidin’ Away.”
  • Achieved “Genius” level on my second try at the Cracker Barrel peg game. I’m no ig-no-ra-moose.
  • Stopped at IKEA in Atlanta on the way back home to pick up a table that was one foot too long to fit in the car. So we had to return it and settle for bringing home trinkets only. 
  • And back to work. But with a tan.