Late Night Karaoke


When the urge to belt out a Bon Jovi song in front of approving strangers takes over me, I head to Toot's Little Honky Tonk nestled in the Happy Holler of Knoxville. And that's just what I did over the weekend.

It's smoky and can get very crowded with enthusiastic singers and sing-alongers, so be prepared to go home at 3 a.m. smelling like you rolled in a carton of Camels with country music, soft rock hits, and monster ballads of decades past stuck in your head on replay.

Toot's has the most eclectic clientele in town -- and perhaps the friendliest -- and I've always had a great time there. It's a good place to unwind on a Friday night, and the perfect spot to release your inner rockstar.

Toot's Little Honky Tonk

114 East Anderson Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37917

(865) 673-8788