Daryl Hall & John Oates

I love Daryl Hall & John Oates. Some would say I'm obsessed. I own every album on vinyl, and my "Hall & Oates" Pandora station is perhaps the most listened to out of all my stations.

So when I found out that the duo would be performing at the Tennessee Theatre in December, I knew I had to be there. I saw John Oates earlier in the year during his Americana music tour, but I've always wanted to see Daryl Hall perform live. He's the father of Philly soul, and one of the best songwriters ever. Plus I love his voice and his hair. I missed out on their tour last year, which was such a bummer, but I lucked out this year and was able to score a couple of tickets (pre-sale!) that put me about four rows away from the stage!

They sang almost every hit, including my favorites: "She's Gone," "I Can't Go For That," and "Sara Smile." (They didn't do "One on One" though. Sniff. Maybe next time?) The entire audience sang along to every song (which I love), and after a while everyone was up and dancing. And they ended the night with "Jingle Bell Rock," which was a great way to start my holiday break.

"Everybody's high on consolation..."

Daryl Hall is looking for me in the audience.

Daryl Hall is looking for me in the audience.

By the way, below are a couple of pics of our pre-show eats at Tupelo Honey Café in Market Square. On the left: Tupelo's Encore Cheesy Grit Cakes served with Sunshot Salsa (top) and Fried Green Tomatoes served over goat cheese grits (bottom). And on the right: Blueberry Hill Thrill Cream Cheese Pie. YUM!