Taco Sherpa

While our cafeteria is undergoing some major renovations, we have different food trucks making stops at the office. Today we got a visit from Taco Sherpa, a food truck from nearby Chattanooga that serves “mighty fine Korean eats.”

The menu is simple. They have three types of protein to choose from, and whether you decide to go with the taco or the rice bowl, you get loaded up with good veggies and their special Sherpa sauce — which is nice and spicy! Today I ordered the galbi rice bowl — pork marinated in sweet and spicy sauce. And it was absolutely delicious. 

If you’re in East Tennessee and are lucky enough to see this food truck in a parking lot near you, you’ve got to try it out. The food was very flavorful, and the meat was so tender. I’m salivating just thinking about my rice bowl from this afternoon.

Hope this truck comes back soon!