Monkey Town Donut Company

I’m getting spoiled by all these food trucks at work. This morning we had Monkey Town Donut Company from Dayton, TN — a food vendor that serves healthy doughnuts. That’s right. Healthy.

Each small wheat doughnut is fried in soybean oil and sprinkled with a little cinnamon sugar, and each mini treat is only 30 calories. Of course you can’t eat just one. So I ordered a bucket of mini-doughnuts. (But I promise that I shared.) Talk about an awesome way to start the morning. Sugar rush!

And to wash it down, I had their French pressed coffee (also from a local roaster). The owner, Kris Spengler, says one of the reasons he uses the French press is not only because of the taste, but because the cart is partially powered by solar. How cool. 

I’m not sure when Monkey Town will be back at the office, but the next time I’m in the Chattanooga area, I’m going to have to stop by the Chattanooga Market — where they set up most weekends, I believe — to get more of these heavenly mini-doughnuts. Oh, and you can bring your plastic bucket back for a refill (at a discounted price) any time. Kris said that some folks have been using the same mini-doughnut bucket that they first got a year ago. Now that’s green. My empty bucket is all washed out and ready to be refilled. Soon. Very soon.

By the way, if you’re wondering why they’re called Monkey Town, here’s why.