Red Queen Tarts

I have a friend who truly understands my love for food. Especially food that is made with great care and uses fresh, organic, local ingredients. 

My friend was in Atlanta recently and returned with Red Queen Tarts, which are homemade organic pop tarts made by Candice Reynolds. Here’s what’s on the website:

Red Queen Tarts are made in small, painstaking batches, combining the finest baking products with organic, locally produced fruit and dairy ingredients. No corn syrup, no refined sugar – just evaporated cane juice and turbinado, sweet but not too sweet. No enriched flour - just heirloom 100% whole wheat grain from the colonial era, cold milled 24 hours before use. Organic butter – loads of it, of course! No sprayed-on frosting: the top of every tart is brushed with heavy cream and raw sugar. And so much yum inside, ranging from fruits (caramelized apples, D’Anjou pears, blueberries, cranberries, grapefruit, and more), to the outer limits of creamy goodness: mascarpone, brie, chocolate ganache, and hazelnut spread…with more flavors to come.

The two tarts I got were Hazelnut Chocolate and Bourbon Peach. And let me tell ya, the tart shell/crust was perfectly flaky, buttery, and sweet — not too sweet — and the fillings for each were rich and bursting with flavor. The Hazelnut Chocolate tart was like finding a rich and fluffy cake inside of a properly toasted and not-too-thick-and-doughy pop tart shell. And the Bourbon Peach had the perfect balance of flavors and fruitiness. Brandon gobbled it up in seconds.

The next time I’m in the Atlanta area, I plan on picking up some more Red Queen Tarts. They’re the perfect breakfast pastry. And lunch pastry. And dinner pastry. Yep. These are great for anytime eatin’.