A few years ago, Brandon and I went to Milos in Montreal with our friends to celebrate their first days as newlyweds. However, after being seated in the lovely Grecian seafood restaurant at a round table covered with a bright white tablecloth and seeing well-dressed adults with litte boys in full suits at the table next to us, we realized that this was a restaurant we should have avoided. We were in shorts and jeans. I was wearing a pair of Chaco sandals. And we had just spent the day exploring Montreal. We certainly weren’t dressed like the other patrons. And we knew based on the fashions of the diners that we didn’t have the fat wallets needed to eat at a place like this.

But we ate there anyway.

That night at Milos is one of the funniest foodie experiences we’ve ever had. We still joke about it with our friends, so imagine my surprise when I found out that I was going to dinner at Milos in New York City. I couldn’t help but laugh as I salivated at the thought of ordering and savoring the incredibly fresh fish and vegetables.

For this Milos NYC experience, my dinnermates and I shared an insane amount of appetizers. We had a tomato salad, tuna sashimi, crab cakes, octopus, grilled calamari, and scallops. And for dinner we shared sea bass, red snapper, turbot, and a lobster salad (three pounds of it) that looked absolutely amazing as it was served in a giant lobster shell and on a platter that rivaled the size of a Thanksgiving turkey platter. All of this washed down with bottles of Pride Cabernet Sauvignon.

To think that I’ve been able to dine at Milos Montreal and Milos NYC makes me feel extremely lucky. One dinner at Milos is enough for a lifetime (for someone like me), but to experience it a second time — and to try even more of their specialities and fishes, along with great wine — feels like I’m in the favor of some Greek god (or goddess) who believes that I’m worthy enough and a special enough mortal to get to enjoy some of the best Mediterranean cuisine in North America.