Lunch at Café Beaubourg

Croque Monsieur avec Salade Verte

Croque Monsieur avec Salade Verte

Following our exploration of the modern art museum inside Centre Pompidou, we decided to grab lunch at Café Beaubourg across the street (between the Pompidou and Place Stravinsky). We saw a clown sipping espresso there earlier, and I thought if it was good enough for a clown, then it was certainly good enough for me.

We took a seat on the terrace facing the Pompidou, which was perfect for people/clown/mime watching. To our left were two people making huge soap bubbles. To our right was someone in Native American dress performing some kind of dance. Most of the tables around us were filled, and I loved hearing the lively conversations from the other diners (even if I couldn't understand a single word).

The menu offered a great variety of plates, but I decided to go with a typical French lunch favorite -- Croque Monsieur with a green salad. Of course, anything covered with cheese, especially a ham and cheese sandwich, is a good choice. Brandon ordered a club sandwich with "poulet" and bacon; and he also got a bottle of Schweppes Indian Tonic, which became his non-alcoholic beverage of choice during our trip.

Lunch was quite filling. Brandon took a bite of my Croque Monsieur, and he was impressed as it was his first Croque Monsieur ever. Or "Mister Sandwich," as he decided to call it. His club sandwich was delicious, and it had hardboiled eggs in it, too, which is something we're not used to but definitely added more flavor. We ended our meal with a café express each and a couple of pieces of Fouquet dark chocolate. Just what we needed to continue on our Parisian adventure.