Le Matin Dans L'Appartement


Mornings on vacation are great. There's no alarm clock. No need to rush off to a meeting. You just wake up when you feel like it. And mornings in this little apartment in Les Batignolles are especially wonderful. The light creeps in through the curtains, and the ringing church bells are like gentle musical reminders that the day is ready whenever I'm ready.

In Emma's apartment, I really enjoyed the ritual of opening the shades in the living room every morning and watering the roses in the window sill. On this particular morning I realized that I rarely sit and stare out windows. It sounds boring, but it's quite an amazing and calming thing to do. I can't describe it, but it feels good to look out of window and at the sky, neighbors, the street below, the buildings in the distance -- and not really think about anything at all except for what you're seeing in front of you. I need to stare out of windows more often.