Passion Pit at The Valarium


I had an awesome time seeing Passion Pit at The Valarium. They were supposed to perform back in July but canceled due to Michael Angelakos' mental health issues. I was completely bummed when the show was canceled -- especially because the announcement came only the day before the scheduled performance. My ticket was refunded, so it wasn't a real loss. But as soon as Passion Pit rescheduled, I decided to buy a ticket with my fingers crossed that this time the show would happen. And it did!

The Valarium wasn't too crowded, which I really liked, and the energy was great. Of course, I was with some very fun people. And fun people make everything awesome. I thought Michael and band sounded great, and there was a lot of movement on the stage as well as on the floor. Lots of dancing going on everywhere! Plus, the light show was quite impressive. I think I captured some of that in the videos below.

I love the "Manners" album, but "Gossamer" gets better and better with every listen. I think "Carried Away" is one of my favorite songs at the moment, and every time I hear it I have to bounce around like a fool.