Abrams Falls

Abrams Falls.JPG

Last week we had snow, this week we had ice, and today everything had pretty much melted away. So Brandon and I, along with a friend, decided to take advantage of the slightly warmer temperatures and the bit of sun peeking out and took a hike to Abrams Falls in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park this morning.

The trailhead originates in Cades Cove, a little more than halfway through the loop, and the Abrams Falls Trail is a five-mile trek roundtrip. It's fairly easy but rocky in places, and because of all the snow and ice we've had lately, the trail was a little bit muddy today. There are three narrow log bridges that you have to cross on the way to the falls, and although the trail has ups and downs, it never gets too steep. This is usually a popular hike, but today we only passed a handful of people along the way.

We reached Abrams Falls in about an hour, and we parked ourselves on a big flat rock facing the gushing falls and had a picnic of sandwiches, roasted almonds, and homemade peanut butter crackers -- all made by our dear friend.

It was a lovely day, although still kinda chilly, but I'm glad we spent time outdoors. Sometimes I forget that I live so close to a really beautiful national park. I need to remember to do this more often.