Chicken with Coconut-Cilantro Sauce


Food Network has a great recipe for baked tilapia with coconut-cilantro sauce. But I didn't have any tilapia on hand. So instead I used chicken and modified the coconut-cilantro sauce slightly to boost the flavors.

I doubled the recipe and used an entire can of coconut milk because I wanted to have a lot of sauce. I love cilantro, so I always go way over the amount of cilantro that a recipe states. I usually put in at least an extra handful (or two). And for this recipe, I also added a bit more chopped fresh ginger and more jalapenos than it asked for. I like heat!

After blending all of the ingredients together, I poured it on the chicken as it was sauteing. I then added fresh lime zest to it and let it all cook together. The lime zest added a nice citrusy zing to the dish. And when it finished, I served it with some basmati rice and lime wedges. Can you ever squeeze too much lime juice onto your food?

For using only a few ingredients, this was probably one of the quickest and more flavorful weeknight dinners I've ever made. Looking forward to doing it again. And maybe with tilapia!