Spicy Green Curry Chicken and Vegetables

With the fresh ginger from our Colvin Family Farm CSA share, I decided to make a version of the Indian-inspired eggplant dish that I made a bunch of times during the 2012 CSA season. But instead of eggplant, I used green beans, pattypan squash, bell peppers, and chicken. 

Like the rest of the dishes I cook, this one is simple and fast. (I'm very a much a 30-minute meal type of gal.) So ANYONE can do this.

I got started by cutting off a thumb-sized piece of garlic and peeling it. I then minced the garlic and also minced four cloves of garlic, which I moved to the side of my cutting board as I heated up a couple of tablespoons of peanut oil. 

As I let the oil heat up, I took two chicken breasts and cut them into small cubes. And when the oil was hot enough, I sautéed the ginger and garlic for about 30 seconds and then added in the pieces of chicken. 

While I browned the chicken, I chopped up a variety of veggies from the week's CSA basket. I trimmed the green beans down to two-inch pieces. I sliced three bell peppers. And I cut up a large pattypan squash into small cubes.

(I realized that coconut green curry sauce works well with most any vegetable, so if you want to add some exotic flavors and spice to your produce, this is a good recipe to try.)  

After browning the chicken for a few minutes, I added in the chopped veggies. This is very similar to making a stir fry. I stirred constantly for several minutes and kept the stove on medium-high heat until the vegetables (particularly the pattypan) became a little bit tender.  

In the same pan, I added in a can of unsweetened coconut milk. You can add "light" if you prefer. And then I put in a couple of tablespoons of green curry paste and mixed it in with the coconut milk and meat and veggies. (If you're not into spicy foods, start out with one tablespoon. Add more if you want more heat.)

After letting everything work together for several minutes in the skillet, I zested a lime and threw in a palm's worth of chopped cilantro (because I love cilantro) and about two tablespoons of chopped fresh mint. I stirred it all together and let the flavors blend together for a couple of minutes. I chopped up more fresh cilantro to use as garnish in the meantime.

When it was ready, I served the spicy green curry chicken and veggies with a whole grain medley consisting of brown rice, rye, bulgur, wheat, red quinoa, and wild rice. I sprinkled cilantro on top and served it with a couple of lime wedges so I could spritz some extra citrus into the dish. Mmm, mmm, mmm!

This is an exotic and easy dish loaded with veggies, and it's sure to excite your taste buds and your family's and friends' taste buds as well (because this is a great dish to share!).