Tame Impala at The Orange Peel

The first time I listened to Innerspeaker, I was immediately sucked in by Tame Impala's psychedelic rock sound. It's a mix of retro, modern, dream-gazey sound with intricacies you'd expect from mature, legendary rock-and-rollers. Frontman Kevin Parker's voice sounds like John Lennon's, and I love the swirling guitar and keyboard and commanding beats of the drum.

The band's new album, Lonerism, takes their sound to another level. And I like how Alexis Petridis put it:

Kevin Parker located the spirit of psychedelia, without ever sounding like he was another retro recreationist.

That's right on.

When I found out these Aussies were going to make their North American tour this year, I was really excited to find out they were doing a show at The Orange Peel. I'm glad I bought tickets the day they went on sale because they sold out rather quickly. The Orange Peel is one of my favorite music venues, and to be able to see Tame Impala in such an intimate space was amazing.

Tame Impala is vintage refreshed. You can tell who their influences are, but they're not copycats. They're really one-of-a-kind, and if you haven't yet, give them a listen. You'll be blown away.

A few words about the opening band, The Growl: sexy, grungy, bluesy rock music with bass and drums that move your chest, and sultry vocals that make your head go woozy. Purr.