2013 CSA: Week 3

My dad picked up my CSA share while I was out of town (hence the late post), and I realized quickly after picking up my veggies from him that I should've have given him some produce processing tips. They were less than "perky" when I brought them home, but some good cleaning brought them back to life. (I also decided to cook several dishes right away to use the leafy greens before they wilted on me.) 

So here's what I got this week: 

  • One bag of mixed leaf lettuce
  • Three green onions
  • Two heads of red lettuce
  • One head of green butter lettuce
  • Three heads of bok choy
  • Three little yellow squash
  • Three bulbs of garlic
  • A handful of garlic scapes
  • Two bunches of Swiss chard

Yep, that's PLENTY of produce. Plenty. Time to get cooking.