Lemony Risotto With Kale and Radishes

I've only eaten radishes two ways: raw and roasted. But thanks to the Internet, I was able to find a great recipe that cooks with radishes AND uses kale -- both of which were in this week's CSA share from the Colvin Family Farm.

I stumbled across Five and Spice, an amazing food blog by Emily who's a nutritionist and food policy pro, which featured a recipe for risotto with radishes, kale, and lemon. BINGO. This was just what I was looking for.

Emily's description of the dish is totally on point:

Then in every bite of the creamy risotto you find tender slips of sweet cooked radish and sturdy sprays of leafy kale.  Delicate quantities of cream and cheese bring the flavors and textures to their satisfying conclusion.

She's a great writer, no?  

Emily used preserved lemons to really give the risotto a punch of citrus. I didn't have any preserved lemons, but I did have regular ol' lemons, so I squeezed and zested a big one into the risotto. I like things extra lemony.

I used heavy whipping cream because I didn't have crème fraiche, and I grated a wedge of Parmesan -- although I might try the crème fraiche and Pecorino next time (as well as preserved lemons). The risotto was creamy, and the radishes still had a little bit of a crunch, which was nice. And it all looked so pretty -- the pink of the radishes, the green of the kale. Yes, I'm all about how food looks.

Click here for the full recipe and to enjoy Emily's beautiful food writing. She's right when she says this is the perfect spring/summer meal. I could eat this every day.