Farro Is Far Out!

I'm really starting to get into grains, and when I found that this week's Colvin Family Farm CSA share had a bunch of fresh basil, I knew I had to make this summer farro salad recipe that was recently posted on The Kitchn, which is one of my favorite websites for food inspiration. 

I've eaten farro but never made it before. I'm usually more of a quinoa cook, but I decided to give the farro a go. But just what is farro? Well, it's basically an ancient grain. It's versatile in that it can be used for a simple salad (like this) or made into a more complex risotto dish. Also, farro can be a great substitute for rice or pasta. It's sort of like brown rice but a little bit nuttier.

So I picked up a package of organic farro, and started cookin'! I added grape tomatoes and cucumbers to the farro, just like the recipe called for; and I chopped up a bunch of the Colvin Family basil because the basil "is what brings everything together in the end." Truth!  (And I did crumble feta cheese all over. Mmm.)

The recipe is enough to serve six people, so in my case it meant that I had enough to pack for lunch the next day and to have for dinner. I think this is a hearty enough salad, so there's no need to make anything else to go with it (although The Kitchn says it's a perfect side to fish, chicken, or pork). But I did notice that the farro salad I had for lunch the day after cooking it seemed to be more flavorful. If you make this, think about doing it ahead of time and giving it more time to chill in the refrigerator and let the flavors work their way through the nutty grains. 

This is a great summertime dish and a good basic recipe that could be modified using different summer veggies and herbs. Can't wait to cook it again. And again.