Green Bean and Basil Salad

I don't know how big a bushel is, but I think that I've received a few bushels worth of green beans over the past couple of weeks from my Colvin Family Farm CSA. Now, there's no such thing as too many green beans, but that's because I think green beans are great sides to any meal. And also because green beans can be a healthy and filling main dish, like this green bean and basil salad.

I found this recipe from Simply Recipes for a green bean salad with basil, balsamic, and parmesan, which I modified slightly (meaning that I didn't use shallots or red onions because I had neither), and it turned out great. It takes almost no time, and it's great for lunch, dinner, and for snacking.

I used all of the beans and a handful of basil from one week's CSA share and followed the recipe to create a flavorful veggie dish in less than 15 minutes. The key to crunchy, bright greens is to blanch them in boiling water for a couple of minutes. And that's all. Cooking them too long will cause them to lose their color and crunch. And when they're pulled out of the boiling water, drop the blanched beans into an ice water bath. That stops the cooking process so you get a nice flavor and a good bite to your beans.

I made enough green bean and basil salad to have for lunch and dinner the next day, and I also had a little plateful as a snack. Green beans are extremely healthy and full of vitamins, plus they're rich in dietary fiber!

Beans, beans, they're good for your heart. :)