Swiss Chard With Turnip Puree and Roasted Radishes (and BACON!)

I'm proud of myself for using three types of veggies from my CSA share in one dish: turnips, Swiss chard, and radishes!

There's no doubt I'm a fan of roasting vegetables, so that's how this all started -- with roasted turnips and roasted radishes. But I wanted to have different textures, so I decided to puree the roasted turnips with a little butter, sea salt, and pepper. (Warning: When pureeing hot turnips in a blender, be careful. It's possible for the veg to pop and splatter hot, mushy turnip on your hands.)

I made a garlicky sauteed Swiss chard to go along with the creamy turnips and the crunchy radishes; and because I couldn't say no to the slab of bacon in my fridge, I had to top the entire dish with crispy bacon. Mmm...