Sharing the Share // Guest Post by Stephanie Edwards

One of the wonderful things about having a CSA share is being able to share it with friends. Check out this guest post from our lovely friend Stephanie Edwards and read about all the delicious food she and her husband Ron cooked up with the week's veggies! 

Ron and I jumped at the chance to try out the CSA program through the Colvin Family Farm. (Thanks Brandon and Lia!) 

Having never been to the Renaissance Farmer's Market in Farragut, we were pretty stoked to check out the crops and wares vendors had on display. However, we had no idea what to expect. We loaded up tons of reusable grocery bags and boxes only to find that the farmers had neatly tucked away all of the deliciously fresh veggies into a box. But this wasn't just a bland box of vegetables; we immediately took inventory. It was filled with jalapeños, poblano peppers, watermelon, okra, green beans, garlic cloves, tomatoes and kale. 

Excited, we quickly grabbed our fresh produce and made the short trip home to begin planning meals for the next week. This gastronomic fire was fueled for several hours as we scoured the contents of our fridge and began combining several tasty concoctions. 

The poblano peppers called out our names the minute we set eyes on them. We decided to cut them open and fill them with leftover spicy shredded chicken and refried beans that we had made the previous night. We baked them at 400 degrees for about 15  minutes, and then, topped each pepper with a blend of spices and reduced fat cheeses. It was a melty match made in Heaven. 

To round out our Saturday night dinner, we made crispy roasted green beans, jalapeño peppers and okra. We achieved the perfect amount of crispiness by spraying a cookie sheet with coconut oil, scattering the cut up veggies around the pan, lightly spraying them with oil and topping them with a mixture of spicy parmesan cheese, almond flour and garlic powder. Also, we made a Sriracha dipping sauce that I felt enhanced the flavor of the green beans. Ron disagreed, but hey, that's bound to happen from time to time. 

Did I mention that both of these dishes are gluten free as well as low in fat, calories and carbs? Additionally, they could both be made vegetarian or even vegan without comprising on the flavor. 

We have truly enjoyed the CSA veggies so far and have plans to make watermelon salsa, kale chips and an Italian soup that will integrate the potatoes and the rest of the kale. Who knew farm fresh vegetables could make such a difference in flavor? Thanks again Brandon and Lia for introducing us to the bliss for your tastebuds that is the Colvin Family CSA. 

Photography by Stephanie Edwards