Tuesdays Mean Tamales

Every Tuesday this summer, you can find Knoxville's Good Golly Tamale cart parked at Hops & Hollers, a taproom with a great craft beer selection and a cute patio. So what that means is I'll most likely be spending Tuesday nights with an IPA in one hand and a forkful of blue masa in the other hand.

We headed to Hops & Hollers this past Tuesday and met up with another tamale-phile for dinner and a beer. I'm a fan of Good Golly Tamale, and my favorite tamale of theirs is the Vegan Soul tamale. It's made with blue corn and stuffed with black-eyed peas, collard greens, and sweet potato. Hard to believe there's so much flavor packed in just a few, simple ingredients.

All of the tamales are pretty darn good, so you can't go wrong with whatever kind you choose. I've had the traditional tamale and the Thai chicken before, but the Vegan Soul is my number one. 

On this particular Tuesday evening, I went vegan (of course) and had a cold glass of The Rose, a Belgian blonde from Nashville's Black Abbey Brewing. The perfect dinner combo for a hot summer on a school/work night. 

See you on the patio next Tuesday for more tamales and local beer!