Raw Kale Salad With Zing

I had a bunch of Russian red kale in this week's CSA share, so what better thing to do than to make a raw kale salad! There's no easier way to fix kale than to chop it up, toss it in a bowl, massage some extra virgin olive oil and salt into it for a few minutes. Massaging the olive oil and salt into the kale causes the leaves to wilt a bit, making them soft and lose some of their bitterness.

I added some sliced radishes (from my CSA) to the massaged, chopped kale; and I grated some fresh parmesan cheese on top and mixed it all together in a big bowl. For some extra zing, I whipped up a simple dressing using a few cloves of minced green garlic (also in this week's share), some kosher salt, about a cup and a half of olive oil, and the juice from three lemons. I love lemons, so I always add way more lemon than is necessary. I cracked a little bit of pepper into the dressing as well. Pepper is an important ingredient for any recipe.

The salad was bright and citrusy, and the radishes added a nice crunch to go along with the soft kale; absolutely perfect for a relaxing summer evening following a hot afternoon swimming in the neighborhood pool.