Kohlrabi and Apple Slaw

During one of my trips out to California a couple of years ago, I met my cousin for lunch in Manhattan Beach at a cool cafeteria-style restaurant called Lemonade. And it instantly became one of my favorite places to eat in Cali. The restaurant is bright and colorful, and so is the food that they serve. Everything is fresh and made with seasonal, local ingredients; and because there is so much to choose from when you go down the line with your tray, the selection process can be intimidating. (There is one thing I've ordered every time I've been to a Lemonade location: the kale and mushroom salad with kumquat vinaigrette. It is the BEST.)

So when The Lemonade Cookbook was published in the fall of 2013, I immediately got my hands on a copy, and it has served me very well -- especially during CSA season when I have no clue what to do with some of the produce I receive.

This past week I wanted to do something different with the kohlrabi from my Week 4 share. I've fried kohlrabi, roasted kohlrabi, made kohlrabi hash browns, and even baked kohlrabi chips. So I pulled out The Lemonade Cookbook and found a recipe for a slaw made with kohlrabi and Granny Smith apples. It's perhaps the simplest recipe ever, as all it involves is grating kohlrabi and apple into matchsticks and tossing it with chives, sesame oil, and salt and pepper. Seriously, it's that easy.

To me, kohlrabi tastes like a combo of cabbage and broccoli. Combined with the apples, the kohlrabi slaw had a nice sweetness to it. And I loved the crunchiness. It's a great side dish, and in the future I'd love to make this as an accompaniment to some kind of pulled pork sandwich. Yep, I've got summertime cookout food on my mind.

I won't give away the kohlrabi and apple recipe details because you can find that and so much more in the cookbook. But I will say if you want to give it a try, you only need a handful of ingredients and 15 minutes (maybe less if you're a pro with a mandoline slicer).