The #breakfast of champions.

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I've had more than my share of sad desk lunches (and breakfasts, as seen on Instagram), but I recently made a decision to try to eat well during the workday. And sometimes it means figuring out ways to hack the office kitchen, or simply heading to the house during my lunch break and cooking something quick and easy. Fortunately, I live only 10 minutes away from where I work, so I do have the luxury to come home and eat -- and visit with the cat.

Today, I chose to have lunch at home. I could have eaten last night's leftovers or fixed a spinach and turkey wrap, but I wanted to try out something a little different. So I made an egg-in-a-hole; but rather than fry an egg in toast, I baked an egg in half of an avocado. (I really baked two eggs, each in an avocado half. After all, I couldn't waste the other half of the avocado!)

The whole process took 15 minutes and required only a few steps:

  1. Heat your oven to 450 degrees.
  2. Slice an avocado in half and remove the pit.
  3. Where the pit was located in each half, spoon out more of the avocado flesh to make room for an egg. (You can eat the scooped out avocado while you wait, which is what I did.)
  4. For each avocado half, crack an egg and pour the yolk and some of the egg white into the "well" of the avocado. (If the well isn't deep enough, you may not be able to fit in all the egg white. No problem if you can't, but you don't want it spilling out everywhere. I got rid of the excess.)
  5. Put the egg-filled avocado halves into a small baking dish, then slide those things into the hot oven. 
  6. Bake for about 15 minutes if you want a soft-to-medium yolk, or you can bake longer if you want a hard yolk. And that's it. You're done!

While the eggs and avocado were baking, I had time to kick off my dress shoes and play with the cat. Then when they were ready, I pulled the avocado halves out of the oven, seasoned them with salt and pepper, and sprinkled some freshly chopped chives all over. I also sliced up some Roma tomatoes to accompany the baked avocado and egg.

I mashed the egg into the creamy avocado flesh, and each forkful was absolutely delicious. Way better than any cafeteria food or fast food. Plus, I'm convinced that this was a rather healthy lunch, full of good fats, protein, and fiber. And, of course, I made it myself, which is pretty darn satisfying.

Yell it with me, "No more sad desk lunch!"