Dinner at Avec

Had the most amazing foodie experience at Avec. Our wine glasses were always full and food kept coming out of the kitchen and landing on our table nonstop. Because there wasn’t a second when food wasn’t making its way into my mouth, I didn’t have a chance to snap pics of everything I ate. But here’s the list of dishes that we devoured (descriptions from the menu):

  • Deluxe focaccia with taleggio cheese, ricotta, truffle oil and fresh herbs 
  • Baba ghanoush crostini with salmon roe, radish and sumac vinaigrette
  • Chorizo-stuffed medjool dates with smoked bacon and piquillo pepper-tomato sauce (photo’d and tweeted by my colleague)
  • Marinated hanger steak with shaved artichokes, crimini, pine nuts, parmesan and kale chips
  • Wood-fired squid with san marzano tomatoes, guanciale, fideo and fennel aioli
  • Wood-fired flatbread with finocchiona, smoked provolone, calabrian chili and bitter greens
  • Wood-oven roasted pork shoulder with braised collard greens, wild rice and green tomato chow chow
  • Orecchiette with chicken and liver sausage, favas, charred spring onions and pecorino
  • And housemade chocolate crisps for dessert

We also saw actor Cillian Murphy at Avec as we were enjoying some pre-dinner drinks on the patio. And it turns out he was also staying at the Four Seasons because we ran into him again later that night. (Or perhaps he was following us?)